Egypt wastewater PPP signs

The Egyptian government has signed the deal for the Abu Rawash wastewater treatment plant.Read more

In Depth

Country Watch: Kenya

25 August 2015 - Some investors may still be cautious of Africa, but Kenya has been laying the foundations of a PPP industry, reports James Kenny Read more...

Home Grown

1 June 2015 - For all the talk of Africa’s potential to take up the PPP mantle from Europe, money is still not flowing into the continent. Amanda Nicholls looks at efforts to increase liquidity Read more...

Country Watch – Kuwait

1 April 2015 - After the creation of new PPP laws last year, Kuwait looks set to fully embrace the model in 2015. Dan Colombini reports on rising opportunities in the country Read more...

Country Watch – Egypt

1 March 2015 - Egypt’s PPP market has shown considerable resilience after years of political turmoil. Dan Colombini reports on the new opportunities now on the horizon Read more...

Latest News

AfDB to aid African Projects

2 October 2015 - The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved combined loans and grants of $428.43m to finance a number of projects across eight African countries.Read more...

EoI for Tanzanian port PPP

29 September 2015 - The Tanzanian government has released a request for expressions of interest (EoI) for consultancy services for the feasibility study of a new port project.Read more...

EIB invests in Meridiam Africa fund

28 September 2015 - Investor Meridiam has announced the European Investment Bank's involvement in its Infrastructure Africa Fund.Read more...

Shortlist for Kuwait waste PPP

17 September 2015 - Kuwait’s Authority for Partnership Projects (KAPP) has shortlisted five teams for the Kabd Municipal Solid Waste PPP deal.Read more...


The new politics

It might be easy to dismiss Labour’s new leader as an irrelevance who will never win office, but his presence on the political stage will have important impacts

History Lessons

Mark Giblett, the former group head of project finance for Asia at SMBC, surveys the Asian PPP landscape and tells Paul Jarvis how governments are learning from past mistakes


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
8 October 2015 USA: LSU Baton Rouge campus P3 Shortlist
8 October 2015 Australia: La Trobe University student accommodation Advertised
29 September 2015 Italy: Roma Tre University PPP Advertised €34.00m
14 September 2015 Austria: Vienna Stammersdorf school PPP Advertised €23.60m
2 September 2015 Germany: Hanover Welfenplatz school PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
29 September 2015 USA: St Marys County Solar P3 Advertised
21 August 2015 UK: West of Duddon Sands OFTO Project Signed £255.00m
12 August 2015 Poland: Pabianice energy PPP Advertised €6.00m
6 August 2015 USA: Texas State University CHP P3 Advertised $45.00m
6 August 2015 UK: Belfast CHP scheme Advertised £3.75m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
2 October 2015 Canada: Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Initiative Project Signed $300.00m
28 September 2015 Georgia: Tbilisi Cluster Healthcare PPP Transformation Project Advertised
28 September 2015 Canada: Groves Memorial Community Hospital Advertised
8 September 2015 Denmark: Slagelse Hospital PPP Preferred Bidder €70.00m
2 September 2015 CANADA: Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford Project Signed $200.00million
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
8 October 2015 UK: Thurrock Council Housing Estate Regeneration Advertised
5 October 2015 Ireland: Limerick Project Opera Advertised €90.00m
8 September 2015 Belgium: Tubize housing PPP Advertised €14.00m
28 August 2015 Colombia: Medellin city center regeneration P3 In Planning
18 August 2015 KENYA: Nairobi Housing PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
6 October 2015 USA: US 181 Corpus Christi Harbor Bridge Project Signed $800.00m
6 October 2015 USA: Virginia Transform 66 P3 Project Advertised $2.10bn
1 October 2015 Paraguay: Routes 2 and 7 highway P3 Advertised $350.00m
15 September 2015 Colombia: Neiva-Girardot highway PPP Preferred Bidder $658.00
11 September 2015 Czech Republic: R4 Expressway PPP In Planning
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
8 October 2015 UK: Cheshire East waste JV Advertised £16.00m
7 October 2015 Egypt: Abu Rawash wastewater plant PPP Project Signed $2.90bn
2 October 2015 UK: Isle of Wight waste PPP Project Signed £225.00m
30 September 2015 Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur Waste PPP 2015 Advertised
28 September 2015 CANADA: New Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant Advertised $620.00m