Bids due for Malawi PPPs

Expressions of interest (EOIs) are due to Malawi’s Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC) for two civic PPP projects and an advisory contract.Read more

In Depth

Auto Pilot

1 December 2016 - Countries across Africa are starting to bring forward PPP pilot projects, backed by substantial infrastructure plans. But have they learnt the lessons of previous stalled ambitions, asks Paul Jarvis Read more...

Opportunity Lost

1 October 2016 - Renewable energy has long been the great hope to wean the world off its oil addiction. Marina Formoso reports on why renewables PPPs have so far been a missed opportunity for mature economies Read more...

Educating Africa

1 September 2016 - Education is vital for emerging markets when it comes to PPPs, and there are signs that some parts of sub-Saharan Africa are getting that message, reports Paul Jarvis Read more...

Back to Basics

11 July 2016 - The growing interest in PPP in the Middle East is unavoidable, but patience is needed with a public sector that remains uncertain of what the model means, reports Paul Jarvis Read more...

Country Watch – Senegal

11 July 2016 - With a fledgling pipeline developing, Dan Colombini reports on how Senegal has positioned itself at the forefront of the rise in African PPPs Read more...

Latest News

West Africa steps up project preparation

24 March 2017 - The Development Unit (PPDU) of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with an AfDB-affiliated body to promote infrastructure projects in western Africa. Read more...

China and Saudi Arabia sign infra deal

17 March 2017 - Saudi Arabia and China have signed a number of cooperation deals for the development of infrastructure.Read more...

EoI for Liberian health centre

16 March 2017 - The Liberian Ministry of Health is seeking expressions of interest (EoIs) for the modernisation of a medical campus centre in Monrovia.Read more...

Guinea defines PPP unit role

15 March 2017 - The Government of Guinea has defined the role of its future PPP unit in attracting private investment and expertise for projects across the republic.Read more...

Israel appoints LRT PPP chief

10 March 2017 - Israeli authorities have appointed a manager for the Green Line of the Jerusalem Light Rail Transit project, ahead of the release of requests for qualifications (RFQ).Read more...


Political intrigue

In the weeks after the Brexit vote, barely a day went by in UK politics without some new major earthquake. In the days following Chancellor Philip Hammond’s first Budget, the ground is again feeling rather shaky


“We Need to Use Broader Funding Options”

Philip Davies, chief executive at Infrastructure Australia, explains to Paul Jarvis the challenges facing the country’s infrastructure


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
23 March 2017 USA: University of Texas student accommodation Project Signed $67.00m
22 March 2017 USA: Ohio State University energy P3 Shortlist
22 March 2017 USA: LSU Nicholson Gateway Project Project Signed
21 March 2017 USA: Howard University East Campus Redevelopment project Advertised
16 February 2017 Nigeria: Institute of Management and Technology accommodation Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
16 March 2017 Italy: Cantu streetlighting PPP Advertised €9.29m
14 March 2017 UK: Galloper OFTO Advertised
14 March 2017 UK: Walney Extension OFTO Advertised
14 March 2017 Poland: Wiazowna energy PPP Project Signed €16.00m
9 March 2017 Macedonia: gas pipeline PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
20 March 2017 UK: Llanelli Wellness and Life Science Project In Planning
15 March 2017 Liberia: JFK Memorial Medical Center Advertised
2 March 2017 Canada: CAMH Phase 1C redevelopment P3 Project Signed $685.00m
8 February 2017 UK: London strategic estates partnership (SEP) Shortlist £160.00m
3 February 2017 Canada: West Park Healthcare Centre Development Project Shortlist
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
23 March 2017 UK: Fareham Welborne Garden Village Advertised
13 March 2017 UK: Havering regeneration JV In Planning £800.00m
10 March 2017 South Africa: Vaal Logistics Hub Advertised
9 March 2017 UK: Northallerton regeneration PPP Preferred Bidder £15.00m
8 March 2017 UK: Surrey County Council development JV Advertised £1.50bn
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 March 2017 USA: Florida I-395 Reconstruction Project In Planning $600.00m
22 March 2017 Norway: Rv3/Rv25 PPP In Planning
21 March 2017 Czech Republic: R4 Expressway PPP In Planning
21 March 2017 Canada: Tlicho All-Season Road (TASR) Advertised
20 March 2017 Guatemala: Escuintla - Puerto Quetzal P3 Advertised $65.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
23 March 2017 Mexico: Playas de Rosarito desalination plant Project Signed $490.00bn
16 March 2017 USA: Port of Wilmington & Edgemoor brownfield facility P3 Advertised
14 March 2017 Canada: Niagara waterfront development Advertised
22 February 2017 Spain: Zubieta waste plant Preferred Bidder €768.00m
17 February 2017 Canada: New Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant Shortlist $620.00m