Adviser sought for Nigeria hospital PPP

The Nigerian Ministry of Health is seeking an adviser to structure and implement a PPP project at a hospital in Lagos.Read more

In Depth

A Rich Blend

1 April 2016 - For the majority of sub-Saharan countries, the only way to deliver new infrastructure is by pooling a wide range of finance. But this poses its own problems, reports Paul Jarvis Read more...

Country Watch: Jordan

1 March 2016 - Despite a newly established PPP law, a lack of experience surrounding the model means progress remains slow, reports Dan Colombini Read more...

New Direction

1 February 2016 - Transport is the name of the game as African countries look to turn rhetoric into reality, but are they trying to do too much, asks Paul Jarvis Read more...

Country Watch: Kenya

25 August 2015 - Some investors may still be cautious of Africa, but Kenya has been laying the foundations of a PPP industry, reports James Kenny Read more...

Latest News

Tanzania urged to explore PPPs

23 May 2016 - The World Bank has called on the government of Tanzania to explore the use of PPPs as a way to increase its access to finance for infrastructure projects.Read more...

Egypt tenders Nile Ferry PPP

19 May 2016 - Egyptian authorities have issued a request for qualification (RFQ) for the Nile River Bus Ferry Project.Read more...

EoI for Sierra Leone health PPP

18 May 2016 - A consultant is being sought to prepare a prefeasibility study into a health PPP for the government of Sierra Leone.Read more...

EoIs for South African power PPPs

17 May 2016 - South Africa is seeking private partners to develop a gas-fired power plant and solar parks under PPP models, as the energy minister reveals possible refinery PPP plans.Read more...

Ghana port PPP tendered

17 May 2016 - The government of Ghana is seeking expressions of interest to build, finance and operate a bulk cargo terminal under a concession.Read more...


Keeping positive

The troubles afflicting Edinburgh’s PPP schools should not detract from what the best examples of the model can offer

House of Funds

Michael Ryan formed Dalmore Capital just when the economy and the PPP pipeline was flatlining. He tells Amanda Nicholls how the fund manager has come out the other side


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 April 2016 Switzerland: Vignettaz school PPP Advertised
22 March 2016 Spain: University of Barcelona accommodation PPP Preferred Bidder
21 March 2016 USA: Detroit uni accommodation P3 Advertised
21 March 2016 Austria: Vienna Berresgasse campus PPP Advertised
16 March 2016 France: Campus Condorcet PPP Preferred Bidder
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
25 April 2016 Mexico: Empalme Gas Pipeline Branch P3 Advertised
12 April 2016 USA: Southern Connecticut State University solar P3 Advertised
14 March 2016 Morocco: Wind farms PPP Advertised
3 February 2016 France: Vigneux-sur-Seine heating network PPP Advertised
20 January 2016 Peru: San Gaban III Hydroelectric plant Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 March 2016 Canada: Etobicoke General Hospital Redevelopment Phase 1 Preferred Bidder
11 March 2016 Germany: Walsrode hospital PPP Preferred Bidder
2 February 2016 Belgium: Ghent hospital PPP Advertised
13 January 2016 Canada: Mount Sinai Hospital Phase 3A Redevelopment Project Shortlist
8 January 2016 UK: Royal Cornwall Hospitals SEP Shortlist
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 April 2016 UK: Northallerton regeneration PPP Advertised
26 April 2016 Italy: Marseille social housing PPP Advertised
5 April 2016 France: Loreto regen plan Advertised
16 March 2016 France: Ville de Delle housing PPP Advertised
8 March 2016 Poland: office building PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
18 May 2016 Paraguay: Routes 2 and 7 highway P3 Advertised $350.00m
13 May 2016 Honduras: CA-4 highway P3 Advertised
27 April 2016 UK: Bristol car park PPP Advertised
27 April 2016 Colombia: Bucaramanga-Pamplona P3 road Preferred Bidder
20 April 2016 Mexico: La Raza – Indios Verdes – Santa Clara P3 road Preferred Bidder
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
18 April 2016 Africa: Kenya water PPP In Planning
15 April 2016 Peru: Titicaca Lake wastewater PPP In Planning
1 April 2016 Italy: Udine waste plant PPP Advertised
29 March 2016 Italy: Spoleto waste plant PPP Advertised
8 February 2016 Italy: Spoleto waste PPP Advertised