Investors back Burkina Faso

Investors have announced preliminary funding for projects in Burkina Faso.Read more

In Depth

Auto Pilot

1 December 2016 - Countries across Africa are starting to bring forward PPP pilot projects, backed by substantial infrastructure plans. But have they learnt the lessons of previous stalled ambitions, asks Paul Jarvis Read more...

Opportunity Lost

1 October 2016 - Renewable energy has long been the great hope to wean the world off its oil addiction. Marina Formoso reports on why renewables PPPs have so far been a missed opportunity for mature economies Read more...

Educating Africa

1 September 2016 - Education is vital for emerging markets when it comes to PPPs, and there are signs that some parts of sub-Saharan Africa are getting that message, reports Paul Jarvis Read more...

Back to Basics

11 July 2016 - The growing interest in PPP in the Middle East is unavoidable, but patience is needed with a public sector that remains uncertain of what the model means, reports Paul Jarvis Read more...

Country Watch – Senegal

11 July 2016 - With a fledgling pipeline developing, Dan Colombini reports on how Senegal has positioned itself at the forefront of the rise in African PPPs Read more...

Latest News

Investors back Burkina Faso

8 December 2016 - Investors have announced preliminary funding for a pipeline of projects in Burkina Faso.Read more...

Tanzania seeks PPP consultants

8 December 2016 - The World Bank is seeking consultants to assist the government of Tanzania in the research of PPPs.Read more...

Pinsents hires Africa infra experts

7 December 2016 - Law firm Pinsent Masons has hired five new partners ahead of the January opening of its new infrastructure-focused office in Johannesburg.Read more...

Carillion sees 'steady' PPP pipeline

7 December 2016 - Support services giant Carillion expects to see a “modest, but steady flow of pipeline opportunities” in PPP schemes across the UK and Canada.Read more...

Ethiopian town seeks PPP consultants

2 December 2016 - A municipality in Ethiopia has advertised a request for expressions of interest (EoIs) for consultancy services for a scheme backed by the African Development Bank (AfDB).Read more...


A busy body

The National Infrastructure Commission has plenty to do in 2017. What did we learn from a conversation with its chair, Lord Adonis?


Marvellous Things

James Aiello’s career has taken him from practising law in California, to planning PPPs in South Africa. The South African Treasury’s top PPP official tells Paul Jarvis how he got there, and what he has planned for the country


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
7 December 2016 Australia: Western Sydney University Westmead campus Advertised $450.00m
7 December 2016 Australia: University of Wollongong Health and Wellbeing Precinct Advertised $500.00m
5 December 2016 Germany: Magdeburg kindergartens Advertised €15.00m
28 November 2016 Germany: Neu Wulmstorf school extension PPP Advertised
25 November 2016 Uruguay: School P3 plan In Planning $57.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
8 December 2016 Mexico: Transmission lines P3 Abandoned
1 December 2016 Canada: Energy Services Acquisitions Program In Planning $1.98m
30 November 2016 Italy: Santa Maria Coghinas street lighting Advertised €1.50m
30 November 2016 Poland: Limanowa thermal complex Advertised
23 November 2016 Ukraine: Oleksandriia energy efficiency scheme In Planning €3.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
2 December 2016 Ethiopia: Improved Sanitation Value Chain Advertised
30 November 2016 UK: Orkney Balfour hospital project No Longer PPP £59.00m
11 November 2016 Turkey: Kocaeli hospital PPP Project Signed €375.00m
10 November 2016 Belgium: UZ Leuven Hospital PPP Advertised
4 November 2016 Canada: Toronto Michael Garron Hospital P3 Shortlist
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
6 December 2016 UK: Alton housing project Advertised
5 December 2016 France: La Rochelle port On Hold €62.20m
2 December 2016 USA: LAX Rent-A-Car Center Advertised
2 December 2016 Germany: Bad Homburg residential homes Advertised
2 December 2016 Canada: Kipling Bus Terminal Project Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
8 December 2016 USA: Virginia Interstate 66 P3 Preferred Bidder $2.10bn
6 December 2016 Germany: A3 Biebelried to Erlangen PPP Advertised
5 December 2016 Paraguay: Route 9 'El Transchaco' P3 No Longer PPP $450.00m
2 December 2016 Uruguay: P3 Road Network 3 (Circuito Vial 3) Advertised
1 December 2016 Colombia: Perimetral de Oriente de Cundinamarca highway (East perimeter) Project Signed $700.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
8 December 2016 Sri Lanka: Weliwita Bulk Water Supply PPP Advertised
6 December 2016 Canada: CRD Residuals Waste Treatment Facility Advertised
1 December 2016 Canada: New Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant Shortlist $620.00m
7 November 2016 USA: Vista Ridge Water Project Texas Project Signed $927.00m
28 October 2016 Spain: Zubieta waste plant Advertised