UPDATE: Indiana to issue second Illiana RFQ

A second request for qualifications (RFQ) for the bi-state Illiana Expressway will be issued in the next few weeks, PPP Bulletin understands.Read more

In Depth

The Waiting Games

1 September 2013 - As participants and viewers of the world’s stellar sporting events bear down on Brazil, it remains a hotbed of PPP activity. But recent political turmoil has left the market battling to restore investor confidence, reports Dan Colombini Read more...

Back in the game

23 July 2013 - After months of speculation, the Puerto Rico PPP authority is back in business, with a new executive team now in place. A focus on well-procured, greenfield projects will help re-ignite investor interest in the market, reports Dan Colombini Read more...

Socially acceptable

1 June 2013 - The US social infrastructure P3 pipeline is on the rise, slowly but surely. But delegates at a recent PPP Bulletin event in New York revealed that new legislation will be key to tackling a stifling lack of understanding at government level, reports Dan Co Read more...

Latest News

$21bn needed for Caribbean infra

18 August 2014 - Caribbean governments must invest as much as $21.4bn over the next 10 years to address the region’s infrastructure gap, according to a new report. Read more...

NZ issues new schools tender

4 March 2014 - The New Zealand government is to issue a new PPP deal to develop four schools in the country.Read more...

São Paulo awards rail contract

8 November 2013 - Brazil’s São Paulo has confirmed it has awarded the PPP contract for its Metro Line 6 project – just days after only one consortium submitted a bid.Read more...

One firm bids on Brazil rail deal

6 November 2013 - Brazil’'s São Paulo state has only received one bid for its Metro Line six rail PPP.Read more...

Paraguay confirms new road deals

6 November 2013 - The government of Paraguay is to carry out $2.44bn in new road projects over the next ten years, many of which will be procured under a PPP model.Read more...

Canada schools P3 changes hands

6 November 2013 - A closed schools P3 in the Canadian province of Alberta has been offloaded by a team led by construction firm Hochtief.Read more...

Brazil to launch new highway tender

6 November 2013 - Brazil’'s state of São Paulo is to launch a new highway PPP by the end of the year.Read more...

Seven respond to Brazil sewage PPP plans

5 November 2013 - Seven firms have responded to a public consultation for a new sewage services PPP in Brazil.Read more...

New bill calls for Canada P3 overhaul

5 November 2013 - Opposition politicians in Canada’s province of Saskatchewan have called for new scrutiny around the country’s P3 deals.Read more...

US parking P3 stalls

5 November 2013 - A new parking P3 in the state of New Jersey has stalled in favor of more critical infrastructure plans.Read more...

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia P3 office welcomes court victory

4 November 2013 - Virginia’s Office of Transportation Public-Private Partnerships (OTP3) has welcomed the state supreme court’s decision to rule in its favor on the controversial Midtown and Downtown tunnels lawsuit.Read more...

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On the hunt

Why fox hunting suddenly has everything to do with infrastructure


No Time to Lose

Galliford Try’s Mark Baxter is hoping to have two and a half markets to tackle in the coming years. He tells Paul Jarvis that UK authorities need to build while the debt remains cheap


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 July 2015 Netherlands: Kulturhus Stompwijk PPP Advertised
6 July 2015 Netherlands: ROC Nijmegen Boxmeer campus PPP Advertised
3 July 2015 Canada: Keyano College Student Residence Advertised
30 June 2015 USA: University of Kansas Central District Development Project Preferred Bidder
24 June 2015 Spain: University of Cantabria Accommodation PPP On Hold €10.10m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 July 2015 USA: Texas State University CHP P3 Advertised $45.00m
22 July 2015 USA: Philadelphia LNG P3 Advertised
21 July 2015 Romania: Drobeta-Turnu Severin CHP PPP Advertised €12.00m
29 June 2015 Macedonia: Tikves hydro power plants Advertised
12 June 2015 USA: Utah Ogden solar P3 Advertised $10.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 July 2015 CANADA: St Thomas Elgin General Hospital P3 Shortlist
15 July 2015 SLOVAKIA: Bratislava University Hospital PPP Shortlist €250.00m
6 July 2015 CANADA: Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford Preferred Bidder $200.00million
26 June 2015 Turkey: Ankara Etlik Hospital PPP Project Signed €1.10bn
22 June 2015 Canada: Ontario Brockville General Hospital Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
8 June 2015 UK: London Meridian Water development Advertised £1.50bn
3 June 2015 Canada: Southeast College Affordable Housing Project Advertised
5 May 2015 Belgium: Belgian Research Accommodation PPP Advertised
1 May 2015 CANADA: BC Site C Accommodation P3 Preferred Bidder
11 February 2015 Poland: Pleszew mixed use PPP Advertised €4.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 July 2015 USA: Colorado I-70 East highway Shortlist $1.80bn
27 July 2015 Colombia: Rumichaca-Pasto highway P3 Preferred Bidder $612.00m
24 July 2015 USA: State Street Redevelopment Project Shortlist
24 July 2015 USA: Georgia I-285 and State Route (SR) 400 Improvements Shortlist $1.00bn
22 July 2015 USA: Virginia I-66 Outside the Beltway project In Planning
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 July 2015 Uganda: Kampala Waste PPP Advertised
22 July 2015 USA: Rahway wastewater P3 Advertised
22 July 2015 CANADA: New Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant In Planning $700.00m
20 July 2015 Poland: Ruda Slaska Waste PPP Advertised
16 July 2015 USA: Nassau County wastewater operate & maintain agreement Project Signed US$1.20bn