Four in for Philippines LRT

Four teams have already expressed their interest in the Light Rail Transit 2 (LRT-2) PPP project – well ahead of the November deadline.Read more

In Depth

One way street

1 July 2014 - In its latest Budget, Australia’s infrastructure future has been staked on the transport industry. However amid the fanfare the sector has a far from convincing track record, reports James Kenny Read more...

Lesson Learned

1 March 2014 - The Philippines has suffered continuing problems with its bid processes that have caused concerns among investors. James Kenny asks whether recent changes will address the problems Read more...

Super Powers

1 October 2013 - Australia’s infrastructure future continues to be reliant on transport sector, despite a far from convincing track record. Aaron Weinman reports Read more...

'P' is for partnership

18 July 2013 - India’s 15-year foray into PPPs has produced very little in developed infrastructure. However a string of closed road projects may suggest a change in the emerging giant. Aaron Weinman takes a closer look Read more...

Delta force

22 May 2013 - It’s taken a while, but south east Asia’s Mekong Delta region is growing. Infrastructure development has become a key factor across Vietnam, Thailand and Laos. Faced with steep challenges, Aaron Weinman looks at whether PPPs are a realistic objective Read more...

Latest News

Commercial close for Aussie East West Link

29 September 2014 - The Victorian government has signed the contract with the preferred bidder for Melbourne’s East West Link road project – despite a last-ditch legal challenge.Read more...

Philippines province backs PPPs

29 September 2014 - A province in the Philippines has given its support to laws that will allow the region to implement its own PPP schemes.Read more...

Singapore tops infra poll

23 September 2014 - Asian and Middle Eastern countries are the most attractive markets for infrastructure investment, according to a new report by international design and consultancy firm Arcadis. Read more...

G20 backs increased private infra investment

22 September 2014 - Finance ministers have agreed to launch a Global Infrastructure Initiative to increase the quality of projects for investors.Read more...

Australia backs infra investment at G20 meeting

19 September 2014 - Empowerment of the private sector in partnership with government in delivering infrastructure is going to be a game-changer over the next few years according to the Treasurer of Australia.Read more...


Lacking inspiration

Party conference season has yet to shine any light on what a new government might do in infrastructure come next May


The Credit Crunch Did Us a Favour

For some in the banking sector, the global financial crisis offered opportunities as well as challenges. Nord LB’s Sean Cook explains


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
29 September 2014 USA: University of California Merced 2020 Project Advertised
25 September 2014 Austria: PPP Project New Campus + Attemsgasse Advertised €25.00m
18 September 2014 Spain: University of Almeria Accommodation PPP Advertised €9.30m
16 September 2014 Canada: Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus Preferred Bidder
2 September 2014 Spain: University of Cantabria Accommodation PPP Advertised €10.10m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
26 September 2014 Peru: Carapongo Substation and Associated Links Advertised $39.60m
26 September 2014 Canada: Revelstoke Bioenergy Project PPP Advertised
24 September 2014 Nepal: Upper Karnali Hydro Power Project Project Signed
10 September 2014 Peru: South Peruvian Pipeline concession Project Signed $4.00bn
9 September 2014 CANADA: BC Site C Accommodation P3 Shortlist
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
30 September 2014 GERMANY: University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein PPP Project Signed €520.00m
29 September 2014 SLOVAKIA: Bratislava hospital (BioMedPark) Advertised €250.00m
26 September 2014 Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) project No Longer PPP £71.00m
25 September 2014 CANADA: Swift Current Long-Term Care Facility Project Signed
10 September 2014 CANADA: Ottawa Heart Institute P3 Shortlist
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
30 September 2014 UK: Flint Strategic Housing and Renegeration Programme Advertised £100.00m
30 September 2014 UK: South Shields regeneration scheme Preferred Bidder £100.00m
29 September 2014 UK: Daedalus Waterfront Regeneration Advertised £100.00m
24 September 2014 UK: Strategic Mixed Tenure Housing for Aberdeen City Advertised £175.00m
9 September 2014 UK: Uckfield Town Centre Regeneration Project Advertised £25.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
30 September 2014 USA: PennDOT compressed natural gas P3 In Planning
30 September 2014 UK: Mersey Gateway Crossing Project Project Signed £450.00m
29 September 2014 Australia: East-West Link PPP Project Signed $1.50bn
26 September 2014 NETHERLANDS: A12 Ede-Grijsoord Highway PPP Project Signed €80.00m
24 September 2014 Slovakia: D4 highway and R7 expressway PPP In Planning
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
26 September 2014 UK: North Yorkshire Waste PPP Project Signed £150.00m
26 September 2014 CANADA: Campbell River Composting Facility Advertised
25 September 2014 Singapore: Changi NEWater Plant 2 Preferred Bidder
25 September 2014 Poland: Krzywin Wastewater PPP Advertised €6.50m
23 September 2014 POLAND: Gdansk waste to energy PPP Advertised €216.00m