China outlines 7 areas for PPPs

China has detailed seven areas where it is aiming to increase infrastructure delivery through PPP schemes.Read more

In Depth

Country Watch: Singapore

1 November 2014 - Infrastructure investment opportunities in Singapore are no secret. But with a highly rated government and a thriving economy, PPPs may struggle to get a piece of the action, reports Dan Colombini Read more...

Time for Change

1 October 2014 - As Australia’s infrastructure market matures, the country may begin to take a new approach to financing its next generation of projects, reports James Kenny Read more...

One way street

1 July 2014 - In its latest Budget, Australia’s infrastructure future has been staked on the transport industry. However amid the fanfare the sector has a far from convincing track record, reports James Kenny Read more...

Lesson Learned

1 March 2014 - The Philippines has suffered continuing problems with its bid processes that have caused concerns among investors. James Kenny asks whether recent changes will address the problems Read more...

Super Powers

1 October 2013 - Australia’s infrastructure future continues to be reliant on transport sector, despite a far from convincing track record. Aaron Weinman reports Read more...

Latest News

AMP Capital announces major reshuffle

27 November 2014 - AMP Capital has announced changes to its leadership team to focus on the northern hemisphere.Read more...

Four bid for Philippines transport PPP

26 November 2014 - Four teams have expressed interest in the Integrated Transport System (ITS) – South Terminal project in the Philippines.Read more...

Aussie student accomm signs

26 November 2014 - A contract has been agreed with the University of Wollongong in Australia for new student accommodation.Read more...

India port PPP tendered

26 November 2014 - The Port of Mumbai has issued a request for qualifications for the development of a Floating gas Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU).Read more...

Myanmar airport PPP signed

25 November 2014 - A Japanese consortium has signed a concession agreement for the Mandalay International Airport PPP.Read more...

NSW sets out $20bn infra plan

25 November 2014 - Australia’s New South Wales government has set out its allocation for the $20bn infrastructure programme it announced last summer.Read more...

Five in for Philippines water scheme

20 November 2014 - Five teams have pre-qualified for the Philippines Bulacan Bulk Water Supply (BBWS) project.Read more...

G20 infra hub for Australia

10 November 2014 - A new global infrastructure hub has been confirmed for Sydney, Australia.Read more...


Banking bonanza

Multilateral infrastructure banks appear to be the new big thing


Give it a Year

There are a lot of personal and professional milestones for WSP director Gary McCarthy over the next few months. He talks to Amanda Nicholls


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
26 November 2014 AUSTRALIA: University of Wollongong PPP Project Signed
21 November 2014 USA: University of Kansas P3 Advertised
18 November 2014 University of Northampton New Campus In Planning £330.00m
13 November 2014 USA: University System of Georgia Housing P3 Preferred Bidder $518.00m
10 November 2014 Austria: PPP Project New Campus + Attemsgasse Advertised €25.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
21 November 2014 PERU: Friaspata-Mollepata transmission project Project Signed
4 November 2014 UK: Lincs offshore transmission project (OFTO) Project Signed £339.00m
10 October 2014 Romania: CET Govora Biomass PPP Project In Planning
9 October 2014 UAE: Mirfa Independent Water and Power Project Project Signed $1.50bn
7 October 2014 Peru: Moyobamba to Iquitos Transmission Line and Substations Project Signed $499.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
19 November 2014 CANADA: Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital P3 Preferred Bidder
17 November 2014 Yeovil District Hospital Strategic Estates Partner Preferred Bidder £70.00m
14 November 2014 UK: Isle of Wight NHS Trust - Strategic Estates Partnership Preferred Bidder £ 25.00m
14 November 2014 POLAND: Zywiec Hospital PPP Project Signed €35.00m
11 November 2014 CANADA: ErinoakKids Centre for Treatment and Development Project Signed $163.33m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
26 November 2014 Ireland: Housing PPP 2015 In Planning €300.00m
14 November 2014 UK: RAF Wyton Airfield Scheme Preferred Bidder £250.00m
11 November 2014 UK: Sunderland regeneration LABV Project Signed £800.00m
14 October 2014 UK: Brighton King Alfred Leisure Centre Advertised £140.00m
3 October 2014 BRAZIL: Sao Paulo State housing PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 November 2014 BRAZIL: Sao Paulo streetlighting In Planning
26 November 2014 RUSSIA - M11 Moscow-St Petersburg Phase 2 Project Signed $2300.00m
26 November 2014 PHILIPPINES: Integrated Transport System (ITS) – South Terminal Advertised $92.00m
25 November 2014 USA: PennDOT compressed natural gas P3 Advertised
25 November 2014 URUGUAY: 21 and 24 Highway P3 Advertised US$200.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
27 November 2014 USA: ECUA and Escambia County Waste P3 Advertised
21 November 2014 BRAZIL: Sumaré water PPP Shortlist R$345.00m
20 November 2014 USA: Prince George’s County Stormwater P3 (WPRP) Project Signed $100.00m
20 November 2014 PHILIPPINES: Bulacan Bulk Water Supply Project Advertised $560.00m
12 November 2014 Brazil: Bahia waste PPP Advertised