NZ preps third schools PPP

The New Zealand government has released details on the third schools PPP bundle, including the proposed timeline.Read more

In Depth

Country Watch – Australia

1 February 2016 - Despite recent political upheaval, the Australian PPP market is still a leading light on the world stage. Dan Colombini reports on the opportunities and issues that exist Down Under Read more...

Country Watch – Indonesia

1 October 2015 - Indonesia has a clear goal to accelerate the country’s infrastructure and recognises the importance that PPP can play, reports James Kenny Read more...

Missing Link

1 July 2015 - Sydney’s North West Rail Link - now known as Sydney Metro Northwest - won both ‘Best Transit Project’ and ‘Projects Grand Prix’ at the Partnerships Awards 2015. Amanda Nicholls asks what makes it so special Read more...

Country Watch – Vietnam

1 May 2015 - After years of little activity, Vietnam has begun to see the benefits of PPP. James Kenny reports on the opportunities now on the horizon Read more...

Playing Politics

1 April 2015 - Ongoing political changes in Australia could potentially disrupt the country’s flow, reports James Kenny Read more...

Latest News

Five in for Philippines rail

4 February 2016 - Five teams have shown interest in the Philippines’ North-South Railway (South Line) PPP scheme.Read more...

Hochtief facing Aussie legal claim

4 February 2016 - German construction giant Hochtief is facing legal action over alleged insider trading in Australia.Read more...

Bidders’ day for Philippines LRT

2 February 2016 - A bidders’ day has been confirmed for the Philippines light rail transit (LRT) Line 6 PPP deal.Read more...

East Timor awards port PPP

2 February 2016 - The government of East Timor has selected a winner for the Tibar Bay Port PPP Project.Read more...

PPP backed for Guam hospital

2 February 2016 - Authorities in the US territory of Guam are preparing the procurement of a new hospital as a PPP.Read more...

Winner for Canberra LRT

1 February 2016 - The Australian Capital Territory government has selected a preferred bidder for the Canberra Light Rail PPP.Read more...


A prosperous New Year?

There are some real signs that 2016 could be a vintage year for the partnerships industry, after years of fallow


Thinking Big

Kenya has unveiled some bold proposals for new infrastructure investment. PPP Unit head Stanley Kamau tells Amanda Nicholls how they will be implemented


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
14 January 2016 UK: Penryn Student Residential Accommodation Project Advertised £50.00m
11 January 2016 Germany: University of Kiel PPP Advertised
11 January 2016 UK: Ayr Academy Learning Campus Project Signed £25.00m
21 December 2015 Germany: Heikendorf primary school PPP Advertised €10.00m
14 December 2015 New Zealand: Third schools PPP In Planning
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
19 January 2016 Mexico: Transmission lines P3 In Planning
7 January 2016 France: Val d'Europe heating network PPP Advertised
3 December 2015 UK: GB Smart Metering programme Project Signed £1000.00m
24 November 2015 Peru: San Gaban III Hydroelectric plant Shortlist
19 October 2015 UK: Stoke energy service company JV Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
13 January 2016 Canada: Mount Sinai Hospital Phase 3A Redevelopment Project Shortlist
8 January 2016 UK: Royal Cornwall Hospitals SEP Shortlist
15 December 2015 Canada: Ontario Brockville General Hospital Shortlist
14 December 2015 UK: Midland Metropolitan Hospital Project Signed £297.00m
20 November 2015 CANADA: St Thomas Elgin General Hospital P3 Project Signed
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
6 January 2016 France: La Defense office PPP Advertised
5 January 2016 Ireland: Social Housing Bundle 1 In Planning €300.00m
15 December 2015 Ireland: Charlemont Street regeneration PPP Project Signed €85.00m
15 December 2015 Belgium: Brussels public housing PPP Advertised
17 November 2015 Belgium: Saint-Leger public housing PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
1 February 2016 Honduras: CA-4 highway P3 Advertised
27 January 2016 Uruguay: Carmelo bypass P3 Advertised
20 January 2016 Germany: A94 Pastetten-Heldenstein PPP Project Signed €500.00m
13 January 2016 Paraguay: Route 9 'El Tranchaco' P3 In Planning $450.00m
23 December 2015 Mexico: Las Varas - Puerto Vallarta P3 road Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
21 January 2016 UK: Gloucestershire Waste PPP Project Signed £180.00m
18 January 2016 USA: Santa Clara Valley Water District P3 Advertised $800.00m
13 January 2016 UK: Dundee and Angus Waste PPP Shortlist
11 January 2016 Canada: Hamilton Biosolids Project Shortlist
21 December 2015 Chile: Punilla reservoir PPP Preferred Bidder $387.00m