Philippines considers CALAX rebid

The Philippines president has said he is considering re-bidding the Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX) "to get the best deal for the people".Read more

In Depth

Time for Change

1 October 2014 - As Australia’s infrastructure market matures, the country may begin to take a new approach to financing its next generation of projects, reports James Kenny Read more...

One way street

1 July 2014 - In its latest Budget, Australia’s infrastructure future has been staked on the transport industry. However amid the fanfare the sector has a far from convincing track record, reports James Kenny Read more...

Lesson Learned

1 March 2014 - The Philippines has suffered continuing problems with its bid processes that have caused concerns among investors. James Kenny asks whether recent changes will address the problems Read more...

Super Powers

1 October 2013 - Australia’s infrastructure future continues to be reliant on transport sector, despite a far from convincing track record. Aaron Weinman reports Read more...

Latest News

Winner for Chinese water PPP

21 October 2014 - A winning bidder has been chosen for a new bundled waste PPP project in China. Read more...

Philippines go-ahead for six more PPPs

20 October 2014 - The Philippines’ National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) board has authorised the delivery of six new projects through PPP.Read more...

Ferrovial launches Transfield bid

20 October 2014 - Spanish infrastructure group Ferrovial has made an $877m takeover bid for Australian company Transfield Services. Read more...

Victoria issues Melbourne schools EoI

17 October 2014 - The government of Victoria has issued the tender for the development of 13 schools under a PPP model.Read more...

Tonga and Bhutan ramp up PPP plans

15 October 2014 - The governments of Tonga and Bhutan are developing PPP laws to develop a pipeline of new projects.Read more...


Lacking inspiration

Party conference season has yet to shine any light on what a new government might do in infrastructure come next May


The Credit Crunch Did Us a Favour

For some in the banking sector, the global financial crisis offered opportunities as well as challenges. Nord LB’s Sean Cook explains


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 October 2014 UK: Bournemouth University Student Hub & Accommodation In Planning
17 October 2014 Canada: Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus Project Signed C$67.30m
15 October 2014 UK: Priority School Building Programme - Batch 4 Yorkshire Preferred Bidder £120.00m
6 October 2014 Australia: WA Schools Public Private Partnership Project Advertised A$370.00m
29 September 2014 USA: University of California Merced 2020 Project Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
10 October 2014 Romania: CET Govora Biomass PPP Project In Planning
9 October 2014 UAE: Mirfa Independent Water and Power Project Project Signed $1.50bn
7 October 2014 Peru: Moyobamba to Iquitos Transmission Line and Substations Project Signed $499.00m
26 September 2014 Peru: Carapongo Substation and Associated Links Advertised $39.60m
26 September 2014 Canada: Revelstoke Bioenergy Project PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 October 2014 Canada: Milton District Hospital Redevelopment Shortlist
20 October 2014 DENMARK: Skejby psychiatric hospital Preferred Bidder €174.00m
9 October 2014 UK: SNBTS National Centre of Excellence Project Signed £39.70m
7 October 2014 Austria: Vienna hospital PPP (radiation oncology) Advertised
7 October 2014 CANADA: Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford Shortlist $200.00million
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
14 October 2014 UK: Brighton King Alfred Leisure Centre Advertised £140.00m
3 October 2014 BRAZIL: Sao Paulo State housing PPP Advertised
30 September 2014 UK: Flint Strategic Housing and Renegeration Programme Advertised £100.00m
30 September 2014 UK: South Shields regeneration scheme Preferred Bidder £100.00m
29 September 2014 UK: Daedalus Waterfront Regeneration Advertised £100.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
22 October 2014 Austria: Zwettl Bypass PPP Project Signed €158.00m
22 October 2014 PHILIPPINES: Cavite-Laguna Expressway Shortlist US$471.51m
20 October 2014 USA: Arizona South Mountain Freeway No Longer PPP
20 October 2014 COLOMBIA: Conexion Norte Highway Project Preferred Bidder $472.00m
20 October 2014 PHILIPPINES: Integrated Transport System (ITS) – South Terminal Advertised $92.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
21 October 2014 China: Tongzi water PPP Project Signed
21 October 2014 Brazil: Bahia waste PPP Advertised
9 October 2014 AUSTRALIA: Victorian Desalination Plant Project Signed A$3.50bn
9 October 2014 Brazil: Divinópolis Wastewater PPP Advertised R$482.00m
9 October 2014 UK: Cardiff Organic Waste PPP Preferred Bidder