NSW premier sworn-in

The state’s former treasurer has become the new Premier of New South WalesRead more

In Depth

The Great Walls in China

1 November 2016 - With huge ambitions for its programme and a raft of municipally-led deals coming to market, is the Chinese PPP market too good to be true asks Amanda Nicholls Read more...

Country Watch – New Zealand

1 September 2016 - With a solid pipeline of deals in the bag and new prospects on the horizon, the New Zealand market is going from strength to strength, reports Dan Colombini Read more...

Countrywatch: Philippines

1 April 2016 - With national elections on the horizon, Dan Colombini reports on how the Philippines PPP pipeline is facing a new and uncertain dawn Read more...

Country Watch – Australia

1 February 2016 - Despite recent political upheaval, the Australian PPP market is still a leading light on the world stage. Dan Colombini reports on the opportunities and issues that exist Down Under Read more...

Country Watch – Indonesia

1 October 2015 - Indonesia has a clear goal to accelerate the country’s infrastructure and recognises the importance that PPP can play, reports James Kenny Read more...

Latest News

HK launches exhibition scheme

23 January 2017 - A Chinese public authority is inviting private firms to bid in the construction of a Hong Kong exhibition complex.Read more...

Infra Australia backs Melbourne Metro

23 January 2017 - The Victoria government’s Melbourne Metro scheme has been named as high priority project.Read more...

Consultants sought for Phil airport PPPs

20 January 2017 - Advisory firms are being sought to assist the Philippines government’s plans to develop airports in the capital region.Read more...

NSW premier to step down

19 January 2017 - The premier of New South Wales has announced that he intends to retire from politics ahead of elections in 2019.Read more...

NZ prison PPP attracts interest

18 January 2017 - Over 40 representatives from 30 firms attended the pre-bid conference for New Zealand’s Waikeria prison PPP.Read more...

NZ city seeks adviser

18 January 2017 - A city in New Zealand is seeking an adviser to support the procurement of a series of civic centre projects. Read more...


New Year, New Hope

2017 has some interesting opportunities on the horizon for the PPP market, but they won’t be found in traditional settings


Marvellous Things

James Aiello’s career has taken him from practising law in California, to planning PPPs in South Africa. The South African Treasury’s top PPP official tells Paul Jarvis how he got there, and what he has planned for the country


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
23 January 2017 Germany: Hanover Sophienschule Gymnasium PPP Advertised
16 January 2017 UK: University of Leicester accommodation Advertised
13 January 2017 Austria: Federal College of Amstetten Advertised
10 January 2017 Luxembourg: Bonnevoie technical high school Advertised
9 January 2017 France: Le Mans education PPP Project Signed €104.60m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
12 January 2017 Guinea Bissau: Corubal hydropower plant In Planning
16 December 2016 Bahrain: liquefied natural gas terminal Project Signed
8 December 2016 Mexico: Transmission lines P3 Abandoned
1 December 2016 Canada: Energy Services Acquisitions Program In Planning $1.98m
30 November 2016 Italy: Santa Maria Coghinas street lighting Advertised €1.50m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
16 December 2016 UK: Dorset NHS SEP In Planning £50.00m
2 December 2016 Ethiopia: Improved Sanitation Value Chain Advertised
30 November 2016 UK: Orkney Balfour hospital project No Longer PPP £59.00m
11 November 2016 Turkey: Kocaeli hospital PPP Project Signed €375.00m
10 November 2016 Belgium: UZ Leuven Hospital PPP Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
23 January 2017 France: Hay-les-Roses market Advertised €19.50m
20 January 2017 Malta: International Logistics Hub project at Hal Far Advertised
18 January 2017 New Zealand: Tauranga city centre civic PPPs Advertised
17 January 2017 Qatar: Turkish Village market Advertised
13 January 2017 Italy: Ponte di Legno spa Advertised €113.70m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
23 January 2017 USA: Colorado Central 70 Project Shortlist $1.20bn
20 January 2017 Norway: road PPP programme In Planning €2.40bn
20 January 2017 Zambia: Kasomeno - Kasenga - Chalwe - Mwenda road PPP Advertised
11 January 2017 France: Aurillac road In Planning €35.10m
10 January 2017 Senegal: Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
23 January 2017 USA: LA Satellite Water Reclamation Facility Advertised
13 January 2017 Nigeria: Lagos Adiyan Phase II Water Treatment Plant Advertised
5 January 2017 Indonesia: Umbulan Water Supply System Project Signed $204.00m
3 January 2017 Spain: Zubieta waste plant Advertised €127.00m
19 December 2016 France: Marne-la-Vallée water distribution Advertised €160.00m