PPP backed for Irish colleges

The Irish Higher Education Authority has urged authorities to consider PPP to deliver student accommodation; bids due for Dublin PPPRead more

In Depth

Land Grab

25 August 2015 - Capturing the uplift in land value created by infrastructure may seem like a good idea, but making it work is far harder, explains Paul Jarvis Read more...

A New Way Forward

1 July 2015 - Croatia is changing tack in its approach to the PPP model, with a new agency and new approach to projects. Can it deliver asks James Kenny Read more...

Country Watch: Turkey

1 July 2015 - A strong economy, a stable government, significant infrastructure needs and a government committed to using PPP to tackle them. Turkey has a lot to attract investors, and is starting to gain traction, reports James Kenny Read more...

More is Less

1 June 2015 - Getting a small, social deal off the ground can be tricky for authorities that are relatively new to PPP. Bundling may be the answer, reports James Kenny Read more...

Country Watch – Ukraine

1 June 2015 - Despite massive obstacles, Ukraine is admirably focused on building the right structure to improve its infrastructure and PPP future, reports James Kenny Read more...

Latest News

FC for Polish court PPP

3 September 2015 - State-owned bank to provide debt for Nowy Sacz court PPP in PolandRead more...

PIN for German school PPP

2 September 2015 - A city in Germany is procuring the construction of a primary school and day care centre under a PPP model.Read more...

Sacyr reaches €264m in PPPs

1 September 2015 - Spanish contractor Sacyr’s concessions business has grown 23% during the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same period last year, due to its international projects.Read more...

Portugal concludes PPP road negotiations

28 August 2015 - The Portuguese government has exceeded its own expectations by over €150m in its programme to deliver savings on 14 road PPP deals.Read more...

IFC seeks study into Turkish municipal PPPs

28 August 2015 - The World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) is seeking expressions of interest (EOIs) from firms to examine the municipal PPP pipeline in Turkey.Read more...

Lithuania sets deadline for police station PPP

28 August 2015 - Invest Lithuania has announced the due date for the Vilnius Police Infrastructure PPP project.Read more...

Ireland seeks PPP adviser

28 August 2015 - Ireland’s National Development Finance Agency (NDFA) is seeking an adviser to provide interest rate hedging advisory services for PPP projects to be procured and delivered by the agency.Read more...


Corbynmania: The final nail in PFI’s coffin?

As the Labour leadership frontrunner’s bandwagon continues to roll, his popularity offers another chance to attack privately financed infrastructure


In Scotland’s Future he Trusts

He’s the man at the top of the Scottish Futures Trust, but Sir Angus Grossart’s roles, interests and experiences take him to the heart of all Scottish life.


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Project Tracker

Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
2 September 2015 Germany: Hanover Welfenplatz school PPP Advertised
2 September 2015 Australia: Victoria New Schools PPP Preferred Bidder $223.00m
1 September 2015 Ireland: Grangegorman Student Accommodation Agreement Advertised €250.00m
1 September 2015 CANADA: Seneca College King Campus Shortlist
26 August 2015 CANADA: Saskatchewan Joint-Use schools P3 Project Signed
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
21 August 2015 UK: West of Duddon Sands OFTO Project Signed £255.00m
12 August 2015 Poland: Pabianice energy PPP Advertised €6.00m
6 August 2015 USA: Texas State University CHP P3 Advertised $45.00m
6 August 2015 UK: Belfast CHP scheme Advertised £3.75m
6 August 2015 UK: Wrexham Solar Farms Advertised
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
26 August 2015 Canada: Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Initiative Preferred Bidder $300.00m
14 August 2015 Canada: Mount Sinai Hospital Phase 3A Redevelopment Project Advertised
13 August 2015 Canada: Ontario Brockville General Hospital Advertised
11 August 2015 UK: Cylch Caron Extra Care Housing - Ceredigion In Planning £1000.00m
11 August 2015 UK: Midland Metropolitan Hospital Preferred Bidder £285.00m
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
28 August 2015 Colombia: Medellin city center regeneration P3 In Planning
18 August 2015 KENYA: Nairobi Housing PPP Advertised
3 August 2015 Poland: Ruda Slaska Housing PPP Advertised
30 July 2015 USA: Joplin housing P3 Advertised
8 June 2015 UK: London Meridian Water development Advertised £1.50bn
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
2 September 2015 USA: Georgia I-285 and State Route (SR) 400 Improvements Shortlist $1.00bn
1 September 2015 USA: Virginia Transform 66 P3 Project Advertised $2.10bn
26 August 2015 Australia: Toowoomba Second Range Crossing project Project Signed A$1.60bn
25 August 2015 USA: Statewide Ports of Entry Truck Electronic Screening Project Advertised
24 August 2015 Canada: Gordie Howe International Bridge project Advertised $4.00billion
Date Project Title Current Status Capital Value
28 August 2015 Egypt: Abu Rawash wastewater plant PPP Preferred Bidder $2.90bn
26 August 2015 Serbia: Belgrade Waste Treatment and Disposal PPP Project In Planning
25 August 2015 USA: Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project In Planning $1.80bn
24 August 2015 UK: Thames Tideway Tunnel - Infrastructure Provider Project Signed £2.80bn
24 August 2015 Denmark: Glostrup Hospital waste PPP Advertised