18 June 2014 - Making things happen

Irina Zapatrina, head of the Ukrainian PPP Centre, speaks to James Kenny about the current climate in the country, and its budding PPP plans Read more...

24 May 2012 - The centre cannot hold

With the Greek crisis underlining political risk in Europe, Mathias Pahlke, head of infrastructure in the region for German bank Nord LB, talks to Colin Leopold about funding solutions and underpricing risk Read more...

7 February 2012 - United front

Banking liquidity and government creditworthiness are fuelling divisions in European infrastructure markets. Michael Dedieu, partner at the Marguerite Fund, talks to Colin Leopold Read more...

3 October 2011 - Regional bias

Colin Leopold speaks to Felix Corral, global head of concessions at FCC, about the growing pipeline in Spain's municipalities and the case for high-speed rail outside Europe Read more...

16 August 2011 - Land of hope

James Stewart, new global chairman of infrastructure at KPMG, on how questions over government intervention overseas are making the UK experience as relevant as ever Read more...


Indian summer

It’s been a long, dark winter for many in the UK PPP market, but as we head into autumn there are signs of progress at last


A big impression

The Philippines’ PPP Center Deputy Executive Director Sherry-Ann Austria discusses progress, after a successful night at the Partnerships Awards 2014


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