MPs urge Lagoon action

15 February 2017 Over 100 MPs have signed a letter calling on the government to provide a swift response to the recent Hendry Review, which backed the development of tidal power.

The letter has been sent to Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary Greg Clark, urging him to respond swiftly to the recommendations in the government-commissioned report, and to now help progress the initial project – the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.

Signed by 107 MPs, the letter includes the signatories of a number of MPs in the Swansea and south Wales area, as well as those keen to increase the government’s focus on green technology, such as Richard Graham, chair of the Commons all party group for marine energy and tidal lagoons.

“There is a large amount of support in Parliament for this and many of us believe that tidal lagoons meet the aims of the government’s new industrial strategy,” he said.

“Our letter is to urge the government not to delay in responding positively to the recommendations and getting the financial talks for the pathfinder under way.”


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21 November 2017.


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