UK seeks advisers for international PPPs

17 February 2017 The UK government has been hosting market engagement sessions this week in London, Uganda and Myanmar as it seeks to procure in-country technical advisers to support its Cities, Infrastructure and Growth (CIG) programme.

The Department for International Development (DfID) will also hold a further session in Zambia next month, as the ministry looks to establish its CIG programme.

Under the initiative, DfID is looking to procure in-country technical advisory facilities to provide dedicated support across the energy, infrastructure and urban development sectors.

A key output from the programme is aimed to be more investable PPP schemes as well as other infrastructure projects in these countries.

The programme is at the heart of DfID’s new economic development strategy, which puts a greater focus on infrastructure and urban development work as part of the department’s drive to improve countries’ economic development.

Those interested in being involved in the opportunities being progressed by the department can find out more on the DfID Portal.


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17 November 2017.


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