NAO plans PF2 study

8 March 2017 The National Audit Office (NAO) has announced it is to undertake an inquiry into the costs and benefits of PFI and the changes made by the PF2 model – as the industry awaits a new pipeline of projects.

Unveiling plans to begin its research, the NAO said it would report on “the costs and benefits of PFI; managing and making savings from legacy PFI deals; changes made under the new PF2 model”. The report is scheduled for this summer.

The move comes as the government prepares a new pipeline of projects to be delivered under the PF2 model.

Chancellor Philip Hammond's Autumn Statement pledged a new programme of PF2 investment, to be published early in 2017, with expectations that the pipeline could be set out in today's Budget.

It is understood that the pipeline is to include new healthcare facilities, as well as prisons, transport projects and defence accommodation.

To provide evidence to the NAO study, email the study team on, putting the study title (PFI and PF2) in the subject line.  

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21 November 2017.


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