CHP's Phoenix ‘awaiting govt approval'

13 April 2017 Exclusive: Community Health Partnerships’ (CHP) Project Phoenix initiative is with ministers over the Easter break and is awaiting approval from the Department of Health, Partnerships Bulletin understands.

Plans have been submitted to the department for the new initiative, which will see six regional PPP companies created, each with an 80-20 private-public ownership split. Under the proposals, private partners will work with health authorities in the relevant region to develop their long-term strategic estate needs, before implementing projects to deliver on those needs.

Partnerships Bulletin understands that CHP has been working to take the “best bits” of existing PPP models to come up with the new approach.

The department had been expected to make its decision on the Phoenix proposals after the Easter break. However, the subsequent announcement by Prime Minister Theresa May of a snap election means that decision is likely to be put on hold until after the election on 8 June.

It is understood there has been lots of interest from private sector participants in the new model.

CHP will be providing more information about Project Phoenix and future health plans at Financing UK Infrastructure 2017. For more information on the event, click here.

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21 November 2017.


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