Election to hit infra plans

18 April 2017 Prime Minister Theresa May has called a snap General Election in a move that is likely to further delay infrastructure plans, such as the rollout of the PF2 programme and plans for the health estate.

May has announced the snap election for 8 June, saying she had come to the decision “reluctantly” to put to bed political opposition during the Brexit negotiations.

However, the move could have a major impact on the infrastructure market in the UK, with the government having been prepared to launch a new round of PF2 investments sometime in the first half of the year.

That timetable now looks unlikely if the country goes to the polls. It might also affect the plans to launch a new model of primary care investment, under Community Health Partnerships' Phoenix programme, which is understood to be awaiting sign-off from ministers.

May needs a two-thirds majority in the Commons in favour of the election, as required under the Fixed Parliaments Act created by her predecessor David Cameron when in coalition with the Liberal Democrats. She will publish the necessary bill in Parliament tomorrow.

While it is widely anticipated that the Conservatives will be returned with a potentially healthy majority, the election will inevitably lead to delays in infrastructure plans and could result in different policies being pursued after the election, creating further uncertainty in the market.


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17 November 2017.


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