Fox affirms private role in infra plans

19 April 2017 Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox has confirmed 50% of the government’s infrastructure plans are to be financed and delivered by the private sector

Fox said these infrastructure plans include over £300bn worth of investment by 2020/2021 and the UK “has been home to one of the world’s largest and most experienced private public partnership markets”.

Speaking at his department’s UK- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)  PPP conference  underway in London he added PPPs and PFIs “are not always a magic bullet, but they do work remarkably well to transfer the risk of capital projects, spreading the load between the government and their private sector partners. They ensure that the private sector is free to bring its innovation and dynamism into public services and government projects, working in an appropriate partnership to realise national ambitions”.

“PPPs and PFIs have had a truly transformative effect on the UK’s infrastructure and public services”.

He concluded the conference “will enable the countries of the GCC to tap into the UK’s wealth of PPP and PFI expertise, helping you to finance and deliver your ambitious national visions.” 

Opportunities in the UK PPP market will be highlighted at the Financing UK Infrastructure conference next week.  For more information on the event in London click here.

This page was last updated on:
21 November 2017.


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