Tories pledge NHS building

18 May 2017 New primary care facilities in the NHS; value capture for housebuilding; balanced Budget by mid-2020s all promised in Tory manifesto

The Conservative manifesto has committed to “building and upgrading primary care facilities, mental health clinics and hospitals in every part of England”.

Outlining the party’s plans for the future, the document says the NHS is forced to work out of too many inadequate facilities, and the next Tory government will change this.

“Over the course of the next parliament, this will amount to the most ambitious programme of investment in buildings and technology the NHS has ever seen,” it said.

The manifesto also commits to meet the target of building one million homes by the end of 2020, and pledged to capture uplifts in land value generated by new homes to reinvest in infrastructure.

The document says a Conservative government will work with private and public sector housebuilders “to capture the increase in land value created when they build to reinvest in local infrastructure, essential services and further housing, making it both easier and more certain that public sector landowners, and communities themselves, benefit from the increase in land value from urban regeneration and development”.

It also commits to the National Productivity Investment Fund, which was first created in November’s Autumn Statement. This fund will include £1.1bn for local transport improvements and £740m for digital infrastructure development.

On a wider economic front, the manifesto says that the party will work towards a “balanced Budget by the middle of the next decade”.

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17 November 2017.


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