Hochtief targets UK regen market

13 June 2017 Exclusive: Hochtief PPP Solutions is looking into the opportunities for it to develop in the UK's regeneration market, its executive vice president has said, with asset-backed models and garden villages seen as significant opportunities in the coming years.

Jane Barber told Partnerships Bulletin that the asset-backed vehicle model is one that she believes could prove a good fit for Hochtief PPP Solutions UK and will see some strong opportunities emerging in the years ahead.

“We are looking at building up that capability over the next two to five years, we see a great opportunity there,” she said.

The focus on wider regeneration projects is part of the firm's move away from purely social infrastructure, and into larger civil engineering-type projects.

Barber remains positive that the market for wider partnerships – as opposed to specific individual PFI or PF2 schemes – will continue over the coming years, adding: “There is a great market in the UK for infrastructure.”

The firm is currently one of three teams shortlisted for the Silvertown Tunnel project in London.

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15 December 2017.


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