M6 toll sold

16 June 2017 An Australian investor has acquired a controlling majority stake in the M6 toll in the West Midlands.

Investment manager IFM Investors has acquired the share in the outstanding commercial debt, granting it effective control of the asset. The firm said it has a detailed plan to ensure a smooth transition for all stakeholders, including employees, creditors, local communities and government.

Midlands Expressway, the project company previously controlled by Australia’s Macquarie, was put up for sale last year.  

M6toll is the project company in charge of a 43km dual three-lane tolled motorway near Birmingham. It is the only privately owned and user-tolled road in the UK. The motorway has a remaining concession life of 37 years.

Christian Seymour, head of infrastructure, Europe at IFM Investors, said: “As a long-term investor investing on behalf of pension funds, including UK local authority pension schemes, we will be focused on operating M6toll responsibly and ensuring its long-term viability.

“M6toll complements our existing portfolio of toll road and other infrastructure investments. Under our stewardship, we believe M6toll can provide stable and secure returns for our pension fund investors over many years.”

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16 December 2017.


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