Project Information
Project description:

Refurbishment and replacement of homes on the Myatts Field North Estate in the London Borough of Lambeth.

The project involves the construction of 808 new build homes and the modernisation and refurbishment of 172 existing homes, a new community centre and sports facilities. The total new build of 808 new homes will encompass:

- 305 new Council homes to replace 100% demolished homes
- 146 affordable (shared ownership) homes
- 357 new homes for sale with ten per cent accommodating full wheelchair access.

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08/05/2012 - Financial close for London housing PFI
15/02/2012 - Lambeth housing PFI given go-ahead

Type: PFI
Sector: Housing & regeneration
Government deptartment: UK - Department for Communities and Local Government (ODPM)
Region: UK - - London
Current status: Project Signed - 03/05/2012
Contract Terms
Duration: 25 years
Capital value: £150.00m
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: London Borough of Lambeth
Public sector contact: Tazeem Abbas
Housing Services Team
Tel: +44 (0)20 7926 8337
Public sector advisors: Gleeds - Technical Advisors
Deloitte - Financial Advisors
Eversheds - Legal Advisors
Private Sector Details
Consortium name: Regenter Myatts Field North
Private sector shareholders: Pinnacle PSG - Shareholders
Higgins Construction plc - Shareholders
Regenter Ltd - Shareholders
Rydon Property Maintenance Ltd - Shareholders
E.on - Shareholders
Private sector advisors: PwC - Financial Advisors
Nabarro - Legal Advisors
Sweett Group - Technical Advisors
Private sector debt-providers: The Co-operative Bank - Debt Providers
Nationwide Building Society - Debt Providers
Nord LB - Debt Providers
Private Sector Shortlist
Consortium name: Create Homes
Private sector shareholders: Balfour Beatty - Shareholders
Sanctuary Housing Association - Other
Mansell Construction Services - Shareholders
Consortium name: Partners for Improvement in Lambeth
Private sector shareholders: United House Ltd - Other
Servite Houses - Other
Barrett Homes Ltd - Other

This page was last updated on:
5 July 2013.


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