Project Information
Project name: UK: Edinburgh & Midlothian Zero Residual Waste Treatment PPP
Project description:

Design, build, finance and operate (DBFO) a facility to treat approximately 140 000 tonnes per annum of residual waste at Millerhill in Midlothian. The capability to supply and/or buy back biogas and any associated biofuel, electricity, heat, steam and/or other products will be explored during the procurement process.

The City of Edinburgh Council and Midlothian Council have appointed FCC Medio Ambiente SA as preferred bidder to build a recycling and energy recovery facility for processing household waste.

The contract is worth over £475 million including revenues from the authorities, sale of heat and electricity and C&I revenue, over the 25 year contract period.

FCC intends to invest over £144 million develop the treatment facilities. The energy recycling and recovery facility will have a treatment capacity of over 150,000 tpa for both municipal and C&I waste and will generate over 13MW of electricity and provide heat for use in local district heating.

In May 2012, FCC, Urbaser, Viridor Waste Management and Veolia, were invited to submit tenders for the residual waste contract, following which FCC and Viridor were selected in September 2013 to take part in the final stages of the procurement. Both bidders submitted their final tenders on 8 October 2014.

The contract is expected to be signed by the middle of 2015, with FCC operating on site by 2018. This will be alongside a food waste treatment plant under construction on the Zero Waste Parc next to the Millerhill Marshalling Yard in Midlothian.

The solution proposed by FCC will process over 135,000 tonnes of MSW per year providing services to a population of more than 575,000 inhabitants.

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Type: PPP
Sector: Waste & water
Region: UK - Scotland
Current status: Preferred Bidder - 03/12/2014
Contract Terms
Duration: 25 years
Capital value: £144.00m
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: Midlothian Council and City of Edinburgh Council
Public sector contact: Gordon Pollock
Project Manager (Zero Waste: Edinburgh and Midlothian)
Tel: +44 (0)1315 296 276

Duncan Fraser
Communications Manager
Tel: +44 (0)131 529 7856
Private Sector Details
Consortium name: FCC Medio Ambiente
Private sector shareholders: FCC Construction SA - Shareholders
Private Sector Shortlist
Consortium name: Urbaser
Private sector shareholders: Urbaser - Shareholders
Consortium name: Veolia Environmental Services Aurora
Private sector shareholders: Veolia - Shareholders
Consortium name: Viridor Waste Management Services
Private sector shareholders: Viridor Waste Management - Shareholders

This page was last updated on:
5 December 2014.


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