Project Information
Project description:

The University of Cambridge is proposing a new sustainable urban extension to the north west of Cambridge through provision of living and research accommodation, public amenities and open space.

Phase one of the development will comprise around 530 homes for University staff, some 426 homes for sale and accommodation for 300 students. As well as, the local centre, including a community centre, primary school, nursery, GP surgery, senior care home, supermarket and shops, hotel and police office along with much of the public open space. 

The University is currently seeking residential and commercial development partners for the different elements of phase one, which is subject to approval from the University’s Regent House in early 2013. 

It is hoped that phase one will start in early 2013 and be completed by mid-2015.

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13/08/2012 - Universities unveil investment plans

Type: TBD
Sector: Housing & regeneration
Region: UK - - East of England
Current status: Advertised - 29/01/2013
Contract Terms
Capital value: £1.00bn
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: University of Cambridge
Public sector contact: Roger Taylor
Project Director
Tel: +44 (0)800 334 5289

Juliet Richardson
Project Lead
Tel: +44 (0)1223 699868
Public sector advisors: Wilkinson Eyre Architects - Architects
Mole Architects - Architects
Aecom - Technical Advisors (Masterplanning and planning. Sustainability Engineers)
Turner & Townsend Group - Other Advisor (Project management)
Gardiner & Theobald Management Services - Financial Advisors (Cost management)
Creative Places - Other Advisor (Commercial research)
Peter Brett Associates - Technical Advisors (Transport Engineers)
URS Corporation Ltd - Technical Advisors (Multi-disciplinary Engineers)
David Chipperfield Architects - Architects
Mecanoo - Architects
Cottrell & Vermuelen - Architects
RH Partnership - Architects

This page was last updated on:
29 January 2013.


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