Project Information
Project name: UK: Newport City Homes housing plan
Project description:

Newport City Homes is seeking advice on delivery options as it prepares a mixed tenure programme. 

The authority is looking for market information about how Registered Social Landlords across Wales and England make their finances work, with particular emphasis on cross subsidy models and the implications of different delivery options. 

Expressions of interest are due by 27 February.

Related Headlines

25 January 2017 - Interest sought for Welsh housing plan

Type: PPP
Sector: Housing & regeneration
Region: UK - Wales
Current status: Advertised - 25/01/2017
Public Sector Procuror Details
Authority/Commssioning body: Newport City Homes
Public sector contact: Leanne Millard
+44 1633381111

This page was last updated on:
25 January 2017.


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