P3 planned for NY subway stations

New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has unveiled plans to upgrade 13 subway stations through a P3 contract.

MTA Construction & Development will submit proposals to the MTA board later this week to deliver accessibility improvements to 13 stations across the city, under a design, build, finance and maintain model.

The authority will seek a private partner to deliver accessibility projects on the 13 stations, with eight being made newly accessible while five stations will receive elevator upgrades.

Under the plans, the private partner will be responsible for accessibility projects at a quicker timeframe and lower cost, and will then be required to maintain the elevators for 15 years.

“Accessibility improvements are central to the MTA and are at the top of the list of our capital program initiatives,” said MTA acting chair and CEO Janno Lieber.

MTA chief accessibility officer Quemuel Arroyo described this week’s board meeting to vote on the plans as “one of the most important meetings in the MTA’s history”, adding: “Leveraging design-build-finance-maintain is going to help the MTA make a major leap forward in making our system more accessible at a fraction of the time and cost.”