Consultation launched for Belo Horizonte Metro

The government of Minas Gerais has opened the public consultation on its plans for the modernization and expansion of the Belo Horizonte Metro.

Under the plans, a private partner will be sought to modernize and expand Line 1, as well as complete the construction of Line 2. The partner will operate the services for 30 years.

Special Deputy Secretary of the Investment Partnership Program (PPI) within the Ministry of Economy, Bruno Westin, said that utilizing the private sector was critical for the project, “investing in the intensity and speed necessary for the expansion of infrastructure, with savings in public resources”.

R$3.2bn (US$591m) has been earmarked for the project by the public sector, with R$2.8bn (US$518m) coming from the federal government and the remainder from the state of Minas Gerais. That investment will be complemented by the private sector.