Canadian union remains skeptical on P3s

Body calls for more in-house delivery skills amid wave of P3 momentum in Canada.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has released an updated version of its review dubbed “Asking the right questions: A guide for municipal officials considering P3s”.

The review outlines some of the issues that the public sector can come up against during ‘privitization’ and says that it probes “deeper into the costs and benefits of P3s”.

CUPE National Secretary-Treasurer Charles Fleury said: “It’s clear that the best way forward is for municipalities to abandon P3s and focus on improving project delivery in-house.”

This review comes amid a wave of momentum of infrastructure enthusiasm in Canada, with the sector seen as a key job creator as the county looks to recover from the pandemic’s economic impact.

Last month, Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau unveiled his government’s new $10bn infrastructure plan, increasing the role of the Canadian Infrastructure Bank – which he said would be “an incredibly powerful tool to create opportunities by investing in very major projects and taking on and drawing in significant international capital”.