West Coast Infra Exchange winding down

The West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (WCX) is to wind down its operations over the next month, with a plan to ‘mothball’ the organization for a period.

Executive director Scott Boardman has announced that the organization, a multistate collaboration (between California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia) to accelerate performance-based infrastructure development, will cease operations by the end of this month.

He explained that, while the intention of WCX was to become a self-sustaining non-profit via a fee-for-service business model, it had generally been involved in “smaller engagements that did not generate the necessary revenues to keep things going”.

Despite efforts to raise an additional round of funding from the West Coast states, the “emergence and lasting presence” of the Covid-19 pandemic, “as well as additional challenges such as the wildfires experienced in many states” resulted in a lack of available funds to be put into WCX.

“The plan, however, is not to dissolve and disappear,” explained Boardman. “The plan—and hope—is to ‘mothball’ the organization for a period of time with the intention of reviving it should the right circumstances arise.”