US uni tenders historic retrofit project

Two historic halls set for renovation; more potentially on the way

The University of Maine (UoM) has released a request for qualifications (RFQ) for its Historical Buildings Redevelopment P3.

Under the design, renovate, finance, operate, and maintain plans, the Coburn and Holmes Halls – two buildings over a century old – will undergo maintenance and accessibility upgrades, requiring “significant investment”. Across the two sites, the renovations would cover over 32,000 sq ft.

The tender mentions that the renovation of these halls “could be the first of future development opportunities within UoM’s Historic District”.

It said that it is looking for “long-term partner(s) that share the institutions vision to transition underutilized historic properties into strategic assets on campus”.

Responses are due by October 26, 2020, questions must be submitted by October 15.