Bids due for Glydways mandate

Exclusive: Another city in California is to conduct a study into the Glydways personal mass transit system.

The consultant will study a potential 1.36 mile pilot project which would connect the South San Francisco Ferry Terminal and the Genentech Campuses, to local and regional transit hubs. The study shall also include a comprehensive analysis of the infrastructure, engineering, and financial feasibility of the Glydways system in the city. 

The Glydways system uses electric vehicles, which operate on a dedicated facility, and does not typically mix with other roadway users.

The city’s objectives for this study is for the consultant to conduct an analysis on feasibility and costs of establishing the Glydways system. The study should analyze projected revenue and its ability to cover operating and capital expenses and consider costs that are hard to capture, as well as recommendations for implementing cost recovery policies.

This study would ultimately inform the City Council and other decision-making bodies on whether the Glydways system can be successfully integrated over time into the City’s transportation improvement strategies, and support the City’s continued economic growth and vitality. 

Glydways is a transportation technology company located in South San Francisco. Its technology is being considered by various authorities in California, including the City of San José and the Valley Transportation Authority for a new transit connection between Mineta San José International Airport, Diridon Station, and west Santa Clara Valley cities.

Mark Seeger Founder/CEO of Glydways told P3 Bulletin: “We started our company to provide affordable mobility for communities across the entire world because we believe that’s the key to driving economic and social prosperity. While our sights are global, we couldn’t be more proud to seed this idea locally, in the birth city of Glydways: South San Francisco.”

Zachary Zeliff Co-Founder / CBDO added: “South San Francisco presents an excellent opportunity for Glydways to leverage its solution towards an affordable and feasible system. Incentivized by the profitable nature of Glydways technology, local interests including private developers can support the city in exploring the development of a turn-key public transit system. ”

Glydways teamed up with Plenary Americas on the City of San José’s request for information process for the Airport Connector and Stevens Creek Line, and the technology is being considered by the P3 developer for other potential schemes in the region.

Eliot Temple, Vice President, Business Development concludes: “Our engagements around the Bay Area are reflective of the need for change, not just in the fundamentals of new technology but promising unit economics as well. The unanimous approval from both the City of South San Francisco and San Mateo County to fund a study to determine feasibility and business case highlights the interest in financially sustainable and low risk, practical solutions. Private and Public entities can easily work together to get projects completed in years instead of decades to bring more connectivity and social equity to cities that need it most.”