Winner for Brazil sanitation P3

Brazil’s largest private sanitation firm wins $460m concession

Casal, the public water and sanitation provider for the state of Alagoas, Brazil, has announced that BRK Ambiental has won the auction to deliver major sanitation developments across the region.

Under the deal, BRK Ambiental will invest over $460m into the region’s sewage and water infrastructure, with $340m within six years.

Over the 35-year term, the concession will help deliver clean water and sanitation to over 1.5 million people across 13 cities in the state. Currently, only 27% of the population has access to the network, by the sixteenth year of this concession it should be 90%.

The auction, which was conducted by BNDES, saw seven consortia make proposals.

Governor Renan Filho said: “I am grateful for the technical capacity of the BNDES to organize this event. Modern Brazil is about to be built.”