British Columbia hospital RFQ issued

Partnerships BC has launched a request for qualifications (RFQ) to design, build and finance the first phase of a hospital’s USD1.3bn redevelopment plans.

The RFQ has been issued on behalf of Fraser Health Authority, one of the Province of British Columbia’s publicly owned health providers, who is seeking a private partner to deliver the first phase of the Burnaby hospital development.

Under the phase 1 multi-stage plans, a new inpatient/outpatient tower will be built, as well as renovations, expansions and demolitions of existing buildings on the site.

RFQ submissions are to be sent to Partnerships BC by March 5, 2020.

The authority is seeking to enter into:  

1. a contract to undertake the design, build and partial financing of a new Inpatient/Outpatient Tower and an expansion to the Support Facilities Building  (the “DBF Scope”); 

2. a contract (the “Construction Management Agreement”) with the Construction Manager to provide construction management services to the Authority for the renovations to the Support Facilities Building, the Nursing Tower, the existing steam boiler plant and demolition of the West Wing and Cascade Buildings (the “CM Scope”); and  

3. a contract (the “Design Services Agreement”) with the Design Firm to provide design services to the Authority for the renovations to the Support Facilities Building, the Nursing Tower and the existing steam boiler plant, 

Collectively referred to as the agreements, the authority may combine one or more of the agreements. The construction cost of the entire project is estimated to be approximately CAD390m. The DBF Scope construction value is anticipated to be approximately CAD205m and the CM Scope construction value to be approximately CAD185m. 

According to the project timeline, the planned contract execution date is May 2021.         

The authority intends to offer partial compensation in the amount of CAD2m to each unsuccessful proponent in accordance with the terms of the later issued request for proposals.