Illinois awards advisory contract

A contract for the James R. Thompson Center (JRTC) project has been given to Ernst & Young

Following an RFP, Ernst & Young Infrastructure Advisors has been awarded the technical and management contract for the JRTC project.

 As part of the contractual agreement EY must:

  •  Help sell the JRTC to a ‘responsible and best qualified third party’.
  •  Help with the relocation choices for the state’s inhabitants leaving the JRTC for another site.
  •  Potentially negotiate the state’s ownership stake at the alternate site.
  • Assist the state with evaluating its Chicago real estate portfolio for possible consolidation paths and final headcount.
  • Provide pre-development project management services and execute these services in a thoughtful and punctual manner

The total amount of the award is USD3,834,775 and the estimated contract start date is January 10, 2020. The estimated end date is January 9, 2023.