LA Metro to accept new traffic proposals

LA Metro has announced that it will be accepting unsolicited proposals for a new program to tackle the county’s ongoing traffic issues beginning next month.

The agency revealed yesterday that it would be hosting a series of forums with the private sector on the issue, the first of which will begin on December 4.

The Metro Acceleration Forum Series will be titled “Think you can solve traffic?” and will involve panel discussions on alternative ways to deliver traffic relief during peak hours across the county.

Topics will include how to use congestion pricing, including tolled highway facilities.

As part of the plans, LA Metro will be listening to proposals from the private sector, which can be submitted for review by January 31.

"All submittals will be reviewed by Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation and an internal panel of Metro experts as part of Metro’s Unsolicited Proposal program. Proposers may be invited to present to Metro executives and external experts by spring 2019 and may have opportunities to advance toward a proof of concept, formal procurement or other next steps," the agency stated. 

“This process will [enable] the private sector to provide their ideas to the top executives at Metro, and from that we hope to move to an implementation model for the best ones,” said Joshua Schank, chief innovation officer at Metro.