CCPPP chief: P3 world is changing

Exclusive: The P3 world is evolving, driven by rapidly advancing technology, the head of the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) has said.

Speaking at the CCPPP annual conference in Toronto this week, CCPPP president and chief executive Mark Romoff told P3 Bulletin that the event had clearly shown that the infrastructure world is facing rapid change.

“The nature of the infrastructure space is really evolving,” he said. “The central role of technology in delivering quality infrastructure is unavoidable.”

Alongside technology, Romoff also pointed to other developments, such as the Canada Infrastructure Bank bringing in “novel” approaches to the Canadian P3 market such as unsolicited proposals and a mandate focused on revenue-generating projects.

Politics will continue to play a role and Romoff highlighted changes in Ontario, where the new government has insisted it remains committed to P3.

“The government is no longer referring to AFPs [Alternative Financing and Procurements, the phrase used by the previous Liberal administration in Ontario], but is referring to P3s,” he added.