Argentina transmission line P3 close

Exclusive: Argentina’s P3 program remains on track despite difficult economic conditions and a corruption scandal, and will soon launch its first transmission line P3.

Tomás Darmandrail, national director for the executive coordination of P3s at the Ministry of Finance, told P3 Bulletin at the CCPPP annual conference in Toronto this week that the new transmission line will be tendered on November 15.

He also said that the country’s P3 program remains on track despite all the issues the country has had to deal with over the past year - including an 80% devaluation of its currency since April and a corruption scandal related to the previous administration.

Darmandrail added that its P3 program has continued to attract the interest of private investors, despite the recent problems, suggesting that its ambitious P3 pipeline can be realized.

“We have had a really impressive response,” he said. “We already have commitments from seven international banks that are willing to finance our trust,” he said, referring to one of the structures put in place to allay private sector fears.

For an in-depth look at the Argentinian P3 pipeline, including details of the programs put in place to shore up confidence in the wake of the corruption scandal and economic problems, see the upcoming issue of P3 Bulletin