Puerto Rico Governor highlights ‘aggressive’ P3 pipeline

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello has told delegates at the annual CCPPP conference in Toronto that his island offers great opportunity.

“We have the most aggressive pipeline of P3 proposals in the US right now,” he said. “There is huge opportunity to leverage our P3 structure. We are currently evaluating dozens of unsolicited proposals.”

He pointed to the fact that up to $140bn could be pumped into Puerto Rico through federal money to support its recovery efforts following last year’s hurricanes that devastated much of the island.

“I am here to invite you to be part of the rebuild of Puerto Rico,” he added.

Rossello acknowledged that outside support would be needed to rebuild the island, highlighting that its current labor force in construction is just 45,000, while the government has estimated it will need 150,000 people to rebuild the territory.

He told P3 Bulletin that Puerto Rico’s historic success with the P3 model, plus a commitment to tackling the chronic problems of the past and the establishment of a stable set of rules that are competitive, should give confidence to investors.