Canada Infra Bank seeing ‘strong interest’

Exclusive: Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) chief executive says the organization has received plenty of interest from the private sector following its first investment.

Speaking on the sidelines of McKinsey’s Global Infrastructure Initiative summit in London earlier this week, Pierre Lavallée told P3 Bulletin that private firms are “thirsty to assume more risk” alongside the bank.

 “That is a great leading indicator that we can have a big impact in building infrastructure in Canada,” he said. “The challenge for us is to keep up with the amount of interest people are showing.”

Lavallée added that the CIB needs to exercise “strong discipline” to ensure that it does not end up crowding out private investment, but remains confident that the institution can work to bring investment where it is needed.

“The Bank is the tipping point to see something come of the shelf and go into construction.”