Paraguay cancels airport P3

Paraguay's Ministry of Public Works (MOPC) has confirmed the cancelation of the procurement of its long-disputed airport P3.

The project for the Silvio Pettirossi Airport modernization has been terminated by the ministry on the authority of the president, despite Sacyr having been named preferred bidder on the deal over a year ago.

MOPC had previously fought to save the project in the courts, after the Comptroller's Office recommended canceling the tender in April last year.

However, the incoming government of President Mario Abdo Benítez has chosen to cancel the tender altogether and indicated it will not seek to use the P3 model to upgrade the airport in the future.

MOPC minister Arnoldo Wiens had long had concerns over the project, having previously reported the scheme to the Comptroller.

"We are withdrawing the consultation, we are consistent with the position we had from the beginning regarding this issue, even from the National Congress, when the then Senator Wiens, had reported this situation to the Comptroller," said Attorney General Sergio Coscia.