Colorado sees social infra potential

Exclusive: The chair of Colorado’s High-Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE) has told P3 Hub Americas that the door is open for the potential of social infrastructure projects.

Don Marostica, board chair of the unit within the Colorado Department of Transportation, told delegates at the conference that much will depend on the upcoming state elections in November, suggesting that if the Democrats were to win both the House and Senate – as polls suggest – there could be more scope for social infrastructure projects in the state.

Marostica also said that the HPTE’s biggest success to date has been its communication with the public.

“US36 was controversial and we continue the communications process today with the users,” he said.

He added that the unit has so far been successful, with all projects that it has developed to date using some form of alternative financing.

However, Marostica also suggested that much more will need to be done across Colorado to support significant increases in population, which is forecast to rise from four to nine million in the next 14 years.