National Park Service issues P3 RFI

The US National Park Service (NPS) is to host an industry day for a proposed P3 project, which will be a prototype for future P3s.

The NPS has issued a request for information (RFI) to enter into a P3 agreement to construct and operate housing for seasonal employees of Acadia National Park (Acadia) on a three-acre, NPS-owned parcel of land in Bar Harbor, Maine. As its preliminary position, NPS would expect the developer to be responsible for financing, designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining the P3 housing project.
This is the first project nationwide to be proposed under NPS P3 housing authority, Title 54 US Code, Section 101335. NPS is interested in using it as a proof of concept and prototype for future P3 housing projects.
Responses are due by November 5, 2018. The industry day has been scheduled at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel and Conference Center in Bar Harbor on November 14.
NPS will use feedback from this RFI and the industry day to decide if and how to proceed with this project, and to determine the terms and conditions under which it would execute a P3 build-to-lease agreement.
Any submitted information may be used by NPS to structure a future P3 project RFP.
The Acadia National Park P3 housing project is driven by two factors: a growing need to provide affordable housing for NPS seasonal employees, and a programmatic need by NPS to leverage its infrastructure funding to construct and revitalize housing and other national park facilities. Acadia hires 150-160 seasonal employees to support the peak operating season from May through October.
There is potentially an opportunity to include lodging for non-NPS employees as a source of supplemental demand.
The NPS expects to retain title to the land and improvements while granting a long-term lease to provide stability and a predictable revenue stream.
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