Toronto mayor to discuss subway PPP

A Toronto subway PPP has been proposed by the state’s former provincial public infrastructure renewal minister.

Liberal MPP David Caplan, one of the first supporters of PPP in Toronto, has said the Mayor’s plan to replace Transit City's Light Rail Transit (LRT) with subway lines can be realised through leveraging private finance.

"Subways are the way to go," said Caplan. "There’s no reason why we couldn’t build two or three kilometres of new tunnels per year ,  then we’d truly build a subway system in the city of Toronto."

There are tens of billions of dollars in private capital waiting to be invested in major public projects, he added.

CAN$8.15bn has been earmarked for Transit City LRT in the state, some of which could be used for an underground subway system.

Caplan will meet with Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford in the New Year to discuss his proposal.