Rio high-speed tender delayed

The tender process for Brazil's US$22bn high-speed rail is to be suspended until a number of interstate bus route concessions have been launched, a federal court in Brazil has instructed.

The plan to connect Rio, São Paulo and Campinas will not be able to go ahead until Brazil's national transport agency, ANTT, publishes tenders for all interstate and international passenger routes over 75km long, according the the court order. 

ANTT will comply with the ruling now, but intends to file an appeal.

The authority has already published two tenders to build and operate the 510km HSR; the first of which was delayed and the second declared void because it failed to attract any private-sector interest.

The latest plan is to launch separate tenders for the train's construction and operation. The tender for operation was due to be launched in February 2012, but will now be put back. 

Tenders for the bus routes are expected to be called in October, with all contracting issues resolved by September 2012.