Pennsylvania tenders P3 contract

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is tendering an open-end contract for an engineering firm to carry out various P3 projects across the state.

The department’s Bureau of Design has issued the advertisement, which will cover solicited and unsolicited project reviews and development over five years.

In addition, the winner of the contract will be responsible for supporting the development, analysis and evaluation of operations and maintenance for projects. This is set to include tolling functions and rates, administration and overhead functions and lifecycle costs.

As part of the contract, the successful firm will still have the opportunity to respond to other P3 opportunities as a private entity, providing they were not involved with the development or review of the project they wish to pursue, Bryan Kendro, the department’s director of policy and PPP revealed.

The department has also announced that it has updated its P3 Draft Implementation Manual & Guidelines document, which is expected to be approved by the board on 9 January.