Winner selected for Chicago airport

A preferred bidder has been chosen for Chicago's Gary Airport P3.

The committee formed by the City of Chicago and Gary Airport has selected AFCO Team, also known as Aviation Facilities Company, and will now negotiate exclusively with the firm to secure a deal for the proposals.

Last month, the committee reduced the shortlisted bidders to two, which included AFCO and rival consortium GCIA Group. The AFCO Team beat off its rivals bid as it matched more of the committee's project goals based on a scoring system set up to compare the separate bids, according to an airport official.

A deal is now expected to be agreed with the team by 25 November.

Ten firms submitted bids for the deal in August, which will include the management of the airport, as well as development of runways and airfields. Further real estate development work will also be carried out in the surrounding areas of the facility.