P3 mooted for Colorado stadium

A potential P3 deal is under consideration to develop a new stadium for Colorado State University (CSU).

As CSU looks to develop the new facility, President Tony Frank revealed the potential options for the plans, which includes building the new stadium in phases, paying to modernize the existing stadium or issuing a P3 deal.

As part of the latter, the model for the project is thought to include a private partner building and financing the stadium, which will be leased back to CSU over a fixed-contract period. Plans for the operation and maintenance of the stadium under any P3 contract have yet to be devised.

The plans have gained some traction with the university board however, with a two-month extension now granted for a decision to be made.

Board member Scott Johnson said he was intrigued by a P3 option but that he required more information surrounding potential costs at this stage.