CDOT director to leave

The executive director of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has revealed he is to step down from his post.

Don Hunt told local press that he plans to leave as soon as a successor can be found.

Governor John Hickenlooper was re-elected to his post in this week’s Mid-Terms, but Hunt had already decided he would not be staying for a second term under the governor.

"I told the governor in late 2011 that there was no way I will be around for a second term," said Hunt. "I've probably told hundreds of people in the agency and in Colorado that I'm not a second-termer."

CDOT has been developing a range of P3 plans over recent months, with the I-25 development being mooted as a possible P3 scheme, while discussions are currently underway over a potential P3 for the C-470 highway project.