Cross-sector deals for BC

EXCLUSIVE: British Columbia has plans for a series of new projects across a range of sectors, the head of its procurement agency has revealed.

Partnerships BC president and chief executive Amanda Farrell told delegates at the CCPPP conference in Toronto that the agency is working on a number of plans covering new transit projects, hospitals, energy and correctional facilities.

"There is a lot of interest in new transit lines for Surrey," she said. "We would expect to have the opportunity to work on these next year."
However, she added that the progress of the schemes will hinge on the outcome of a referendum to be held in the province next year.

She also revealed that the business case for the Royal Columbia hospital project is "largely complete" and will be coming out in the near future.
In energy, Farrell said the agency is also looking at a replacement dam project, plus a new correctional facility that will come to market soon.