Private sector 'committed' to Brent Spence plans

Members of the Kentucky private sector have dismissed claims that interest in the Brent Spence Bridge project is waning following the bankruptcy and restructuring of the Indiana Toll Road.

Sources in the state told P3 Bulletin that the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce was “more committed than ever” to secure P3 legislation to allow toll financing to fund the Brent Spence development, despite recent claims made to the contrary.

It was reported last week by local press that the recent bankruptcy of the Indiana Toll Road in September would impact private sector interest and ramp up costs for the deal.

However, sources have confirmed that meetings are ongoing to continue lobbying for legislation in the state, which is key to securing a deal with the private sector for the bi-state project’s future plans.

In June, Ohio governor John Kasich passed similar laws allowing the state to place tolls on the bridge.