Pennsylvania confirms fueling station P3

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has confirmed plans to create and develop new fuelling stations at transit facilities across the state under a P3 model.

Corbett confirmed that the Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority will issue the deal to install compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations that will also be available for public use.

Facilitated by state P3 law, signed by the governor in 2012, a private partner will design, build, finance, operate and maintain the CNG stations. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will receive a portion of the fuel sales revenue, with the money being returned to transit agencies to assist with future capital projects.

In addition, the EMTA will bid and construct a $30m intermodal facility that will consolidate fixed-route and shared-vehicle storage, provide a new support center and create parking access for the city.

“The entire project encompasses so many positive aspects, from job creation, expanding the use of compressed natural gas, P3s, governmental cooperation, improvement of the mass transit system, neighborhood revitalization and creation of multi-use facilities,” said EMTA CEO Mike Tann.

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