Kentucky P3 laws gathering pace

EXCLUSIVE: Confidence is high among officials in Kentucky that P3 laws will be implemented in the next legislative session in the new year, P3 Bulletin can reveal.

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and supportive members of the legislature revealed their plans at a meeting yesterday, confirming that implementing P3 laws would be the key issue in the upcoming session, despite the plans suffering a blow in the recent elections.

As previously reported, the plans took a hit last month after the Republicans failed to gain control of the House in the recent election campaign.

However, a source close to the plans told P3 Bulletin that support for the proposals was still gathering pace.

"I do think we will pass P3 again and hopefully get the Governor’s signature," he said. "The way that the P3 legislation will be presented may help us convince the Governor to sign the bill this time."

Governor Steve Beshear controversially vetoed plans to implent P3 laws at the eleventh hour last year. The approval of P3 legislation in Kentucky is also vital to facilitate a deal with the private sector to develop the much-discussed Brent Spence Bridge project.