P3 planned for Missouri highway

Missouri state governor Jay Nixon has urged the creation of a new P3 to develop and expand the I-70 highway.

In a letter to Missouri Highway and Transportation Commission chairman Stephen Miller, Nixon urged the commission to consider the project under a P3 model, which will include tolling facilities on the road. As part of the request, the commission will now submit a report to Nixon by December 31.

"A strong transportation system is critical to Missouri’s economic competitiveness, but Missouri’s transportation funding is approaching a critical juncture," said Nixon. "That is why I am requesting that the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission analyze and provide options for utilizing tolls to address one of our most pressing transportation infrastructure needs – improving and expanding Interstate 70."

He also recommended that the commission free up resources currently dedicated to repair and maintenance on the I-70 for road and bridge projects throughout the state.

Spanning 10 states from Maryland to Utah, the I-70 provides a vital east-west link across the country. Nixon has requested the development of the highway as parts of the road in Missouri are over 50 years old and no longer cater for modern transportation needs.