Mexico 'needs P3 agency'

The private sector suggests the federal government to create an independent organisation to promote and accelerate the use of P3.

A recent conference saw representatives of the private sector suggesting that Mexico would benefit from the creation of a dedicated agency to help speed up the process.

"Currently there is just one body reviewing the P3 projects and [infrastructure] projects in general," said José M. Fortes, director of Desarrollo de Marhnos Infraestructura. "The P3 projects should be quicker that is why we propose an external organisation with a connection to the tax office."

Sergio Chagoya, a partner at Santamarina y Steta, suggested that the new agency could be responsible to submit bids and launch tenders, in order to leverage partnerships to build the necessary infrastructure.

José Antonio Estrada Pérez, an executive director of infrastructure investment at Banco Interacciones, suggested that the private sector should carry more than the 37% of the investment that is the current limit under the Mexican National Program of Infrastructure.

In September, the president of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, has presented new measures to promote private investment through 10 P3 projects for 2016.