NJ P3 bill ‘still alive'

EXCLUSIVE: Private sector experts have backed the re-emergence of transportation legislation in the state of New Jersey before the presidential election in 2017, P3 Bulletin can reveal.

With state governor Chris Christie currently standing as a candidate of for the Republican presidential nomination, P3 plans seemed to have been shelved for the foreseeable future. The state is also weighed down by the prospect of a gubernatorial election in 2017, which has created a degree of uncertainty surrounding the proposals.

Christie applied a conditional veto to a proposed transportation P3 bill in August, citing concerns around labor language housed within the legislation.

However, experts have told P3 Bulletin that they still intend to push for the passing of P3 legislation despite the political issues affecting the plans.

“There will definitely be a concerted effort to revive this legislation if and when Christie returns to his duties in New Jersey,” one expert said. The source added that Christie passed similar plans allowing for universities and colleges to utilize private financing six months previously, meaning he is likely to still be open to amended proposals.

“We are not ready to give up and wait until 2018 when the new governor would be sworn in,” added Bill Caruso, of counsel at law firm Archer&Greiner. “There are viable alternatives to keep this ball in play.

“I think everyone needs this legislation. The days of funding massive transportation and infrastructure projects through government are starting to fall by the wayside.”

A more detailed look at the political issues that are affecting the passing of a P3 bill in New Jersey will feature in the upcoming Winter edition of P3 Bulletin.