Honduras tenders transit P3

Honduran PPP authority Coalianza is calling for expressions of interest for bus facilities; Punta Castilla project deadline postponed again

Under the deal the winning bidder will design, build, finance, equip, operate, maintain and transfer the project.

The value of the project is $3m ($86.766.036,91 lempiras) and will run under a 25-year concession. The concessionaire will get back the investment through rate payments and several services related to the bus terminal or the mall.

Furthermore, the authorities of the El Paraiso department and Coalianza are looking to upgrade the Panamericana road from Tegucigalpa to Danli – the main road for Honduran trade with the US, making it a key element for economic development.

Meanwhile, Coalianza has confirmed that the Punta Castilla port terminal deadline has been postponed again to October 21, having previously been set for October 6.