Atlanta issues waste RFI

The city of Atlanta has issued a request for information (RFI) for the development of a new waste reduction P3.

Under the terms of the proposals, the city is seeking information on plans to partner with a private firm to design, build, operate and finance the facility.

The qualified firms must provide proposals to reduce the amount of solid waste landfilled by the city. Firms must also state the facility’s process for the collection of residential, right-of-way, and internal solid waste, by which recyclable materials may be recovered and/or converted to usable energy or usable product or bi-product.

Following receipt of submissions to the RFI, the city will utilize the information to create a potential request for proposals or an alternative solicitation method.

Responses to the tender must be submitted to the city by 2pm on Friday November 6, 2015. For contact details click here.

The city of Atlanta is also currently pursuing a P3 to develop its International Airport. Three teams were due to submit proposals earlier this month.